West Haven, CT Orthodontic Office

We serve West Haven residents from our New Haven office. 

881 Whalley Ave Rear
New Haven, CT 06515
Phone: (203) 285-3750

Office Hours:

Monday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
One Saturday per month 8:00am to 12:00pm

Every Smile Starts with a Consultation

At your initial consultation in West Haven, you will meet our team, learn more about orthodontics, receive a complete initial exam, and explore which treatment options are best for you. During this consultation, we will:

  • Review your dental and medical history
  • Perform a complete oral exam, with X-Rays, to determine whether treatment is necessary
  • Work with you to create a customized treatment plan
  • Discuss financial information, insurance options, and payment plans

One Step Closer to Your Dream Smile

After your consultation, we will schedule your first appointment to complete your paperwork, as well as a second appointment to take photos and x-rays, then one of our orthodontic assistants will place your new orthodontic appliance. This second appointment generally takes 2 hours, and our West Haven team will be available to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Scheduling Appointments

Visiting the orthodontist every four to eight weeks is essential to treatment. Our West Haven practice will work with you to make your appointments as convenient as possible. Please let us know what days and times work best for you when making your appointment.

We understand that, sometimes, “life happens”! If you’re running late or need to reschedule, just call our office and we will do what we can to accommodate you. When you’re ready to schedule your appointment, get in touch with us and our scheduling coordinator in West Haven will assist you.

Common Orthodontic Issues

At CT Braces in West Haven, we treat a variety of orthodontic issues, including:

  • Crowding of teeth
  • Missing lateral incisors
  • Spacing of teeth
  • Phase-one: early orthodontic issues
  • Open bite: front teeth don't touch
  • Deep overbite: lower front teeth bite into palette
  • Underbite: lower front teeth in front of upper teeth
  • Overjet: protruding front teeth

West Haven Treatment Options

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic problems such as crowding, spacing, jaw growth problems, protruding teeth, or bad bites in children can be inherited or caused by injury, early or late tooth loss, or thumb-sucking habits. Adult orthodontic procedures often take longer and could require orthodontic surgery, as a child’s jaw hardens by the end of their teenage years. Receiving treatment as a child could prevent the need for orthodontics as an adult. If your child is age 7 and seems to need orthodontic care, or you have been recommended by your family dentist, contact our West Haven office for an initial exam.

Two-Phase Treatment

Two-Phase treatment is a three-step process to ensure that your child develops a healthy, beautiful smile. In phase one, our West Haven orthodontist will treat jaw growth or tooth crowding or spacing issues in your child’s mouth to encourage proper alignment of permanent teeth. Then, there is a resting period, during which your child’s permanent teeth can naturally erupt without being hindered by a retainer. Finally, phase two usually involves full upper and lower braces to correct any remaining alignment issues in the permanent teeth. If you believe your child can benefit from this treatment, or your family dentist has referred you, contact our office in West Haven today.

Adult Orthodontics

One in five orthodontic patients are over 21, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. At CT Braces in West Haven, we will work with you to help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without disrupting your life. Adult orthodontics differs from children’s because adults have harder jaws, have higher risk of gum or bone loss, may experience worn or missing teeth, and may have had incomplete orthodontic treatment as a teen. CT Braces in West Haven understands that adults have different needs, and is ready to work with you. Please contact our West Haven office to learn more about your treatment options.

Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic surgery, is used to treat severe issues in jaw bone formation, bad bites, and malocclusion – misaligned teeth. When a jaw is not correctly aligned, surgical orthodontics is used first, then orthodontic braces will be used to move the teeth into their new, correct positions. Your West Haven orthodontist at CT Braces will work with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, who will perform your surgery in a hospital. This procedure may take several hours, and we recommend a two-to-four-week rest period. After surgery, you will need to wear braces for six to twelve months, then a retainer to maintain your new smile. Surgical orthodontics is a major medical procedure, but it has been performed for many years. Your comfort is important to us, so please contact our West Haven practice to discuss your individual case.


West Haven CT Braces is a certified Invisalign® provider. Invisalign® helps you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without braces, as the process uses virtually invisible, removable, and comfortable trays to align teeth. You can freely eat, drink, brush, and floss during this treatment, which involves a new set of aligners every two weeks to move your teeth, little by little, with each new set. Total treatment time averages nine to fifteen months, and you will visit your West Haven orthodontist every six weeks to ensure your treatment is going well. If you are interested in Invisalign®, contact your West Haven CT Braces office for a consultation.