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We serve Monroe residents. 

Every Smile Starts with a Consultation

We are excited to see you for your first orthodontic consultation in Monroe, CT. Our knowledgeable staff will explain in-depth how orthodontics can be of enormous benefit to you. They will give you a complete exam and then decide what treatment is ideal for you!

  • Review your dental and medical history
  • Perform a complete oral exam with X-Rays, to determine whether treatment is necessary
  • Work with you to create a customized treatment plan
  • Discuss financial information, insurance options, and payment plans

After Your Initial Orthodontic Consultation

Upon completing your exam, we will schedule an additional appointment to fill out paperwork and get you X-Rays. An orthodontist assistant will explain every step of the process in detail during your 2-hour long appointment. The excellent staff at our Monroe practice will be sure you are comfortable and informed throughout the process.   

Scheduling Orthodontic Appointments

Upon receiving your new orthodontic fitting, we have to ensure it is installed correctly and doing its job. We ask our patients to visit the Monroe office once every 4-8 weeks. We do our best to accommodate our patients’ hectic schedules and work very hard to ensure you get an appointment.

If you must reschedule due to a personal conflict, we request that you call our Monroe office out of courtesy. We will then be sure to reschedule you. Our schedule coordinator will do their best to make sure you can book an appointment convenient to you.

Common Orthodontic Issues

At the Monroe CT Braces office, we are happy to address many orthodontic issues, including the following:

  • Crowding of teeth
  • Missing lateral incisors
  • Spacing of teeth
  • Phase-one: early orthodontic issues
  • Open bite: front teeth don’t touch
  • Deep overbite: lower front teeth bite into palate
  • Underbite: lower front teeth in front of upper teeth
  • Overjet: protruding front teeth

Monroe Treatment Options

Child & Teenage Orthodontics & Teeth Straightening

There are innumerable problems that can occur in children’s orthodontics, including; wide-spaced teeth, issues with jaw growth, teeth that stick out, overbites, and underbites. Tooth loss that occurs too late or too early in life and thumb-sucking can be caused by drastically misaligned bites. Some of these problems will be fixed as the child becomes an adult, but sometimes these orthodontic issues harden and become permanent in adulthood. At this point, the only option is orthodontic intervention in the form of surgery.

At CT Braces of Monroe, we offer the appropriate treatment to provide percent orthodontic issues that will persist later into adulthood. At age seven, a child should be seen promptly If they have an orthodontic issue. Beyond this age, it will not correct itself. Call our Monroe office to set up your first consultation so CT Braces can help your child have the perfect smile.

Two-Phase Treatment

Help your child have the perfect smile with our Two-Phase Treatment at CT Braces Monroe.

  1. To make sure your child’s teeth are properly aligned, a Monroe Orthodontist will develop a custom treatment plan specially for your child. This treatment can help with tooth crowding, space problems as well as improper growth of the jaw.
  2. During the first phase, the Monroe Orthodontic team will develop a detailed treatment for your child’s teeth that addresses all the issues. If you are concerned about jaw growth, teeth spacing issues, or teeth crowding, we will make sure to address it. Your child’s adult teeth will then be lined up properly. With this treatment plan, your child will not need a retainer.
  3. In the second phase, the Orthodontic team at CT Braces of Monroe will install braces on the upper and lower row of your child’s teeth to straighten them out permanently.

To learn more about what the Monroe office can offer, please call us right away to set up a consultation.

Monroe Adult Orthodontics

A lot of our Monroe Orthodontic patients are 21 years or older. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 1 in 5 patients is over 21. Even if you are an adult, don’t hesitate to call us. It is not too late to give you a shiny, straight smile that you can be proud of.

There is quite a drastic difference between Orthodontics for Adults and Children. Adults’ jaws have hardened. This can lead to missing or deteriorated teeth and a serious chance of bone loss. We often find orthodontic treatment from the patients’ childhood that was not completed.

At CT Braces of Monroe, we are aware of the different orthodontic needs between children and adults. We are equipped to address both. To set up an exam or for further information, call our Monroe office.

Monroe, CT  Invisalign® Options

Invisalign® treatment is a form of treatment where the aligners are see-through. They can also be removed from the patient’s mouth as needed. They still will help the patient achieve a straight, healthy smile without permanently affixed braces. These unique aligners allow you the freedom to eat, brush your teeth, drink, and floss during the treatment.

You will be required to have new aligners every two weeks to reposition your teeth gradually. The entire treatment procedure and plan will take about 9-15 months. We ask the patient to visit your Monroe CT Braces office once every six weeks to ensure that the treatment progresses correctly. Please call us at CT Braces Monroe for more information.

Monroe’s Trusted Orthodontist

CT Braces have been Monroe CT’s number one choice for orthodontic treatment for many years. This is due to our excellent patients and devoted doctors. It has allowed us to grow into multiple locations. At Monroe CT Braces, we are pleased to provide top-tier Orthodontic treatment.

Thank you for choosing CT Braces for your orthodontic care. We are so happy to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed about. To schedule an appointment, please call our Monroe orthodontic office: 203-270-0005